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Shade Canopies a Staple Requirement for Beach Recreation!

May 14th, 2017

The excitement and sense of adventure that comes with a beach holiday is second to none. The sun, sea and sense of relaxation can be a perfect way to rejuvenate and recharge the batteries after some hard work. However, there are some things that need to be taken into account when enjoying these pleasures so as not to ruin a good experience. Powerful elements such as harsh sun rays can prove to be an obstacle to the fun factor and can also be detrimental to your health and that of your loved ones. Everyone knows that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause painful sun burn that can in fact hinder your enjoyment for a few days but to add to that constant exposure and skin damage has the potential to eventually result in skin cancer, which nobody wants to deal with.With this in mind when taking a beach holiday one must think about protecting their family from the harmful rays so as not to turn a good thing bad. This is where a portable shade canopy becomes very useful. One of these canopies will ensure that you and your family can enjoy the full extent of the day with access to protection and safety from the sun.

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In addition there are benefits that a shade canopy can provide other than protection from the sun that deserve mentioning.Firstly there is the privacy issue. A beach canopy can give you that little bit of privacy so as you and your family can change in and out of your clothing in comfort. Perhaps you would like to read a book under the shade or go for a mid day siesta. In many of these canopies there is also the option to add side walls for extra protection and privacy where required.They are very easy to assemble and disassemble. Especially in quality products, they are designed to be very functional and user friendly. They can pop-up within seconds and then when finished using them they can be easily folded away into their own carrier bag for simple transportation. Most shade canopies are made with light weight material such as aluminium which makes it much more convenient for the end user.Also as referenced previously by attaching the side walls as you choose, i.e. as many sides as you like, you can be protected from light winds perhaps sheltering your food from sand, yourself when reading or sleeping or even just for extra comfort. Small improvements like this can go a long way to making your experience more pleasant.In general shade canopies can be very versatile in their usability. With their attachable side walls you can customise your canopy to suit your requirements or the specific weather situation that day. There are also breeze walls available, i.e. mesh like material, so a cool breeze can get through while keeping out sand or debris.A good quality manufacturer will have used a good standard of material so one can expect durable, waterproof and even fire resistant canopy material. As mentioned light weight material is used for extra convenience. There many different sized beach canopies available depending on the particular requirements. Generally one could go to a maximum of about 10×20 square feet while keeping the portability benefits.

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Once purchasing a beach shade canopy one can enjoy the benefits time and time again and not only for the beach but many other leisure activities, events or even for commercial and domestic use.The best way to get the most out of it is to keep it in good condition with proper maintenance. It is not a great ordeal to do this but with a quick wipe down and drying of the canopy material and the removal of any debris, sand or dirt from the frame, especially the joint area and moving parts, you can have a fully functional shade canopy to enjoy for years to come. So be sure to enjoy your beach holiday in comfort and safety!